Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Lessons learnt posting N° 3 - Laurent

Hello everybody,

The main learning for me today came from the article we discussed.
Some stuff is interesting to point out that.
Except computing, time and finantial troubles, the most probable reason for an ERP to fail is the resistance to change. So you - as a person involved in the ERP IMP process - must prepare the ground before the implementation and make sure that:
  • the platform you are going to implement is THE appropriate tool with the appropriate technology. For example, it should be fast and easy to use.
  • end-users are involved in decision process (first to increase acceptance and also to ensure a adequate product selection)
  • training is done (it will also raise acceptance)
  • there is performance evaluation
  • people are commited and motivated (super-users can create a good link between employees and decision committee)
  • there is enough communication (nothing is more frustrating than a total blakout)
  • knowledge management is used

The preparation phasis is essential to prevent change resistence, whatever the culture and the nationality of the company...


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sap support pack said...

I too feel that resistance to change is the major hurdle that is faced in the ERP implementation as the end users do not want to change the methods that they have learnt and used to.