Monday, March 05, 2007

about Monday 5

On the first class of Global ERP systems administration I learned the very basics of the ERP systems topic.
In the class, the definition of ERP was explained as well as the evolution of the name; from MRP to MRP-II, and finally ERP. The diferences in those terms is that it started at the material level, then it became into financial and operations and now it refers to a more integral system that contains all the departments as modules, ej. maufacturing, financials, supply chain, projects, human resources, marketing; data warehouse, etc...
The differences between a major ERP company and the counterpart, the Open source, can be the difficulty to integration (compatibility). This means that companies which use systems from the open source could find more troubles when merging or integrating with a new module or new company.
In a first and quick look at ERP systems, it seems that the worst part is implementation. The costs of training and the efforts in change managment are sometimes underestimated.
Have a good day. Que tenga(n) un buen dia.

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