Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Alexis Bouly- Day 2 Lessons Learned

Today we saw the decision process of an ERP, whether a company need to invest in an ERP system or not. This process can be achieved through several analysis such as SWOT and GAP analysis. The SWOT analysis can be completed by setting strategic goals and objectives of the organization for the next 5 years for example. The Gap analysis consists in comparing the current situation with the expected situation after an ERP implementation. In fact the GAP analysis helps to understand the benefits of an ERP implementation and if finally invest in an ERP is really a good choice. Moreover elevator speech is also a way of understanding the benefits of an ERP implementation, as each department of a company present in a short speech what advantages such a project can bring to its division.It was useful to have a look to the SWOT analysis process because it reminds me that S&W are applied to the company and O&T are linked with the market. Thanks for that! best regards


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ERP implementation is beneficial for all companies.I agree with you and with your point of view of this article.Very timely given us so much information which is useful for me.
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