Monday, March 05, 2007

Duygu Becermen

Hi everyone,

I think today was a really good start for an intensive course. Normally I hate intensives because I hate getting up early!! And as a result of my endless love to my warm bed in the mornings, I was late for the class for 10 minutes. I am really really sorry for that. But I don't think it will happen again because today has been very interesting. I chose this class because my mother was talking about SAP and how important it is(as I mentioned earlier in the class). The company she worked started implementing this system almost 8 years ago. When I read the syllabus of this course on the intranet, I thought why I don't start listening to my mom! So that's how I am here now.

After today's class I saw that ERP systems can be really useful to a company. An ERP system makes it possible to have an overall control of the company. It helps to follow the transactions done by all the functions within the company and also by the customers.
We briefly learned what is an ERP system, what kinds of ERP systems are there. And we focused on pros and cons of different types of systems.

I guess his is all I can say for today.

See all of you guys in the morning. Have a great night.

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