Tuesday, March 06, 2007

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Merhaba öğrenci ve öğretmen

On this class I saw the initial state of implementing an ERP. The need. One aspect that was interesting to me is that sometimes the needs of a company can be fulfilled by implementing other IT tools, cheaper ones or less conflictive. (access, a data warehouse, etc...)
I found the ERP systems to be more like a tool that links departments. This is useful to monitor the performance of all departments in order to measure the global achievements of the company. This is very important when an enterprise is focused in an specific objective.

Why should a company not implement ERP system?


I think this is easy to say, however, in the first reading we saw that the managerial decisions are taken ina political way,more than in a classical or "cientific" way.

¤Organization's state of development

When a company is medium size or small, sometimes they can work with ther own tools and ways.

¤The company is performing well

Also, a change in a company is sometimes useless if the performance is optimal for achieving the objectives.

Without anything more to add, Hoscakal.... GÖRÜSÜRÜZ !!!!


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