Thursday, March 08, 2007



Today we had a very interesting class, with a lot of discusion and learning.
We reviewd the 3 articles that we had to read for homework:

The fiest one its called " Decision Making in the evaluation, Selection and Implementation of ERP systems" Its about how can companies decide in wich ERP system to have, there are a lot of types, prices, efficiency, and tough its a very huge inversion, we have to analyze and evaluate wich ERP system.
The second article we discuss on is called " Potential Impact of Cultural Differences on ERP Projects " I found this article quite interesting because somethimes we ignor how important are the cultural differences between countires, how they work, lenguage, education, etc. so its good to point out that we have to handle cultural diferences before implemetating the same ERP company system in different countries.
The third article was mostly about how in China beeing such a huge county, there are two ways of doing business because of Hong Kong beeing part of the U.K. before 1997.
In class we had discusion between students from diferent countries, how their country use to do business, or how an ERP system could be implemented, etc. so it was very interesting.


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