Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Bio - Laurent Feltz


Ieseg student in 4th year (Msc2)

Major in Audit


Work placement in cost control à use of the company’s ERP, AS400 of IBM (I think…), but only in the accounting, product creation and financial modules.

Career objective

To become management/cost controller in the next 5years. Then to climb the hierarchic pyramid as far as the direction.

Course expectation

To understand the process of evaluation, selection and implementation of an ERPs. To observe differences between major ERP. To be aware of the multiple needs of the companies in this field.

In fact I would like to be ready to participate to an ERP implementation in my future company. And at least understand the running of the existing ERP because I think it is crucial for a cost controller who needs to collect data and to analyze them.

One unique thing

During my work placement, I asked the ERP to print me something like 10.000 pages of figures, which made the application crash till the next day, paralyzing the whole accounting department…

(Be sure I am not proud of it at all)


Thierry said...

Don't worry, it's not your fault... that a system is not responsive anymore because there is one big task is just a good example of bad software design... Maybe your department should have complained, so that this bug would be fixed with the next bigger release =)

Laurent Feltz said...

I don't think so. The software was "home made" according to what I knew. Maybe it was in fact a high degree of customization. The "specialists" of the IT dep were incredibly incompetent. And it was pretty hard to make them focus on the software "fault" I noticed.