Tuesday, March 06, 2007

First day

1. Background
My full name is Andrzej Wilczewski. I come from Poland. I graduaded from School of Public Administration in Poland. I was specializing in business and european integration. I graduaded also from University of Bialystok where I was studying french language. One year ago I came to France and I decided to join Iéseg on January this year on MIB.
I have no experience working with ERP. I was working in Poland as a french teacher and translator during almost 2 years.
3. Carer goal
I'm planning to create and develope my own company in Poland probably in branch of export and import. I think that this course is very useful to understand how ERP works and what generelly it is. At the end of this course I expect to have enough knowledge about ERP and especially know how to use it.
4. An interesting thing about me
When I was a child I was dancing during 10 years and won 1 st place in National Dancing Competition
5. I really enjoyed my first day of this course but I have to admit that at the beggining I was a little bit confused and I didn't know what you were talking about. Later it was better and I understood a general idea of ERP what is important ( I think ).Well I'm going to finish because I don't very like writing.

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