Monday, March 05, 2007



My name is Gloria Patricia Luna Andrade

I am a graduated Computer Systems Engineer.

I worked 6 months in the Informatics department at Laguna Verde, CFE (nucleolectrical power plant) in Veracruz, México. During this experience I helped in the programming of one reporting module of their own ERP developed.

Then I worked 2 years in the Technological Innovation Department at ITESM campus QRO. During this experience one of my duties was to install and administer the specialized software, so I Installed and administered clients and servers of Microsiga one Brazilian ERP company. Also I was the user of Altiris in the deployment, inventory and security solution and we were implementing it to the company.

My career goal is to built and grow my own Information Systems Company.

This course will help me to achieve this goal because it is a part of my business plan.

By the end of this course I expect to have a more clear understanding of ERP’s, to know how to implement it and to know how to use SAP.

I love riding motorcycles.

Learning points:

I had one class of ERP’s in college, so today I refreshed my concepts of ERP definition, history and purpose.

It was interesting for me the analysis that we did today of the PRO’s and CON’s of the ERP companies. I think it is very useful to know first what we really need and want and then choose the best option. This is very important because I saw many failures in that in my experience, the managers seem to base their decision of the ERP according to marketing or fashion.

In other hand, despite our class discussion I see that the bigger ERP’s are not yet an answer for the Mexican SME’s. The majority of Mexican SME´s worked with smaller players because of the price and also because the distance (they are near and they have a very good personalized support). Also I think is for the influence they had as we discussed on class.

Although smaller ERP’s are fitting nowadays in these companies, I think they must face the future and start to plan to migrate to a bigger ERP to internationalize themselves.

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