Wednesday, March 07, 2007

day 3 cultural diferences

Pas facile d'être un français aujourd'hui!!

However many things that came out from this brain storming were very interesting and something incredibly true....

Because of globalisation cultural differences must be more and more considered in companies this lecture was a good opportunity to share different point of view and explain to each other the culture of its country of origin. It was so interesting and also funny to let people speak about how they see their country and how close it is from the stereotype. It is also interesting to speak about big issues like Turkey and the European Union.

I really appreciate this lecture and I will ask the student and our teacher these questions: Is it possible for a multinational company to implement ONE ERP for its foreign subsidiaries? Can they take into account cultural differences?

It is a good point to implement an ERP system but a multinational company will probably face to very different reactions about the implementation of an ERP according to the nationality of the subsidiary. And is it possible to customize the ERP for each country?

That is my point of view! What about you!


U. Yeliz Eseryel said...

I can understand your comment about difficulty of being french today :) (No worries, being spanish, mexican turkish, and asian was just as difficult today!!!! I think, perhaps the only person who got away was Andrej today!

The answer to your question: Yes, implementing one ERP for multiple countries is definitely possible and it should be the way to go for many cases. The cultural differences are not a barrier to this implementation. The cultural differences are just another challenge to consider.

ERP system can be configured so that they account for some differences (For example treating tax differently for different countries, showing different language, perhaps even showing the screens a bit differently for different countries). However, this cannot and should not be taken to extreme. The idea is not to configure the hell out of it :) Remember, it costs money to customize and maintain these customizations. Thank you for your question.

sap upgrade issues said...

I too feel like you that implementing an ERP system is feasible but a multinational ERP will be indeed a difficult or almost impossible or may be at higher efforts and resource then the payback.