Monday, April 07, 2008

What is a ERP System?

HI! I'm CArmeli.

Well, What I learned today was the concept of ERP system.
ERP is a way to put together the information and processes of a business into one system for various functions through the organization. Also I learned that by implementing this system we have to think about key points in order to have a success in the implementation of the ERP.
Those key points are : Considerations that would be helpful to adopt the ERP:
  • Initial cost,
  • time,
  • employees,
  • how much to implement,
  • internal culture,
  • Change management
Also you have to measure your benefits and see if it is higher than your cost:
  • Efficiency,
  • error reduction
  • increase customer satisfaction
  • better data improvement of the information,
  • Future growths
  • Communication
Another important issue is that we have to anticipate the possible causes for failure so we can try to prevent them.

  • Bad training
  • Change MGMT failure
  • lack of MGMT process and technology
  • solution doesn't match the company needs.

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