Monday, April 07, 2008

What I knew, what I know from this morning...

What did I learn today?

To introduce me and help you to remember who I am: Anne-Laure, the French short hair student!

So what did I learn today ... I knew already some of things thanks to the internship I did two years ago. I was looking for new customers and calling SME’s to know if they already has an ERP system, if yes which one, if not why and so on...
The main goal was to find new companies which did not know a lot about it but were ready and open to do the first step: Meet one of our commercial.

So I already knew what the goal of ERP was and what the benefits were.
However I did not know even what does ERP means. Now, I can speak about Enterprise Resources Planning!

I knew that it was a kind of software to link information. Today I know that the "system" links data of people, information, orders and processes.

I knew that it was time effective. But I did not realise that it was only after a long time of implementation, and time of adaptation from each type of employees.

I knew that it cost money but I did not realise that it was not only for the software but more abut the time "waste" of entire the information, trainings employees..

I imagined that it was not perfect but I had no ideas about failures. Now I understand that reticence from the employees, and mainly absence of good processes can be causes of failures.

I knew I knew that it was really efficient but I did not know that a simple "click" let the supplier receive an email to order new raw materials regarding to stocks

I expect that thanks to ERP, companies were able to save money, but I did not realise that job security can decrease.

I knew that all employees did not agree to implement an ERP but I was not aware of the fact that they prefer to keep data and did not want to share information to be sure hat their tips will be only for them for instance.

I knew that reticence exist in companies and especially trade-unions but I did not realise that if you do not explain the goal and that it could be better for them they can not guess it.

I knew that it was made of modules and you can implement one or another. But I did not know that you can implement to different ERP in the same firm (Oracle and SAP for instance)

I knew that it was useful for a company which have a long term view but I did not expect that it can help you to change all your strategies: for instance, thanks to report you can notice which product you have to sell more, or sell with an lower price and so on thanks to statistic and curves which can help you!

I knew that you can avoid doubloon but I did not imagine that you can get all the information of each customers from one department to another. (Accounting from After Sales Services)

I knew that ERP can improve communication but I did not imagine that it was also to improve the transparency in a company.

I knew that ERP has to be customizing for each type of company but I did not though about the cultural aspect.

I knew that it was to have an idea of what you have in your stocks but I did not expect that it let you to forecast your sales too.

I knew that Syracuse was a city of Sicily, island of Italy but I did not expect that it was also in New York State!

But there are some ideas that I did not really understand...for instance about the Three-Tier Architecture and I wrote the word "Best of Breed" without any comments I do not know remember what it was for!
That is why I am coming tomorrow!

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