Wednesday, April 09, 2008

In? Out? In? Out?

Good day everybody!

(It's getting hard to find original ways to say "hi" as time passes by.)

Today's class had basically two big parts:
1) The discussion.
2) The labsession.

1) Every group has its own chosen company, and we have to decide: do we implement the ERP as an in-house operation or do we outsource?

The first important element to consider is to divide the ERP implementation in very specific elements:

-Functional technical experts
-Project manager
-Key managers from each department
-Trusted employees
-CEO/CFO ==> The Champion

So what are the possibilities? In the end, only the two first elements were designated as being potentially externalized.

-So what do I do now ?
-Well, it depends... ^^
... on the company, on its culture, on its I.T. service, etc etc.

Another interesting issue was about the I.T. department. I never thought about that before, but I guess they would really feel annoyed if consultants arrive, bringing their whole new set of softwares, telling them "OK, we do it this way". I would really be angry at those who took this decision.
Anyway, what I'll remember is that precious advice from Master Eseryel: "take part in the implementation you must do, and an ERP master you shall become. Essential to the company you shall be."

2) The labsession:

Despite the technical problems, and the short time available, I kind of enjoyed this session:
FINALLY, we get to encounter the St Graal of the ERP: SAP!
This was quite basic, but anyway, if I get to a job interview and that I'm asked:
"Have you ever been using SAP?", I'll be able to answer "Yes, I did!".

I wish there could be some tutorial about this software, or any useful software for ERP. I'm sure it can't be a loss of time.
Even though people tend to recall that we'll learn everything in the company, I just think that for me, using is the best way to understand. "Learning by doing".

Great evening to everyone!

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