Monday, April 07, 2008

OMG it's so Powerful!

Hi there, it's Alban!

Well today was quite interesting class, combined with free breakfast, what could we ask more than that?

ERP is interesting topic: I have the feeling that it is such a powerful tool. So powerful that consultants and software designers can make a whole lot of money out of it! ^^

Risky, powerful, complex, tricky, expensive, convenient, dangerous, etc... It seems ERP has billions of faces, good ones and bad ones.

I think the most important part I'll focus on for today's class is that implementing it is not the most useful part: despite the fact that it can really ease data storage and information sharing, there is a second step in ERP that makes it worth all the pain: use it as a strategic tool!

It really looks POWERFUL if you use it that way to better orientate and implement your strategy and be the Winner! ^^

Good night!

PS: 16 "I know" appeared in the previous post :D

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AnneLaure said...

Thank you for reading the previous post!!
I did not count the number of adjectives but it seems that you learned a lot too!!
CU in few hours!