Monday, April 07, 2008

Beginner ERP student!

When I decided to take this class, I had a look at the definition of ERP in Wikipedia, and I remember that I was truly perplexed. This morning the first hour was so confusing to me because I asked myself lots of questions concerning the implementation of the ERP system in companies. My questions were about the ERP systems nowadays and what its characteristics are. I recognize that my questions concerning the contemporaneous ERP were too practical since I didn’t know what exactly ERP stands for! So since this morning I promise I will never ask practical questions without thinking about technical part!

This morning, I realized that during my internship the company asked to a consulting company to implement this kind of tools within the company and I didn’t know exactly what it was about. I understood as well why it was crucial for the company. The system they wanted to implement was necessary to the prosperity of the company because the firm was not well organized and all data was occasionally collected twice and sometimes data were missing. It will collect data from different departments of the company and key persons will have access to the right data. I am curious and would like to come back to China to see how it works today!

I believe that even if somebody convinces me to take this class this subject is a lot more interesting than I was thinking before coming. To me it is so exciting to use various issues as HR issues or finance issues when implementing this kind of system. I do not regret!

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