Tuesday, April 08, 2008

ERP tools, SAP, implementation

Yesterday, was an introduction of ERP... So we asked some interesting questions:

- What is ERP?
- What are its benefits?
- What are its challenges?
- What are its potential reasons of failure?
- What do we have to take care about to implement an ERP?

Today, I learn that there are many kind of ERP tools. Before the course, I thought ERP are private tools and I just knew SAP, whereas there are 3 kinds of ERP systems :
- Major Players
with the 3 famous ERP : SAP, Oracle, SSA Global
- Smaller ones
-Open sources ones
ERP systems accessible online

The little work of specificities of each highlighted that there each systems are usefull and depend of the size of company, the money to invest and the number of departements focused.

In understood better what is SAP. SAP (System Application Products) comes from German company who has the same name. It is the ERP software the more used by company. Company like it because of its simplicity and interface.
This part was to theoritical, I am excited to be tomorrow and used it!

Finally, we talk about different ways to implement an ERP and balanced there Pros's and con's thanks to an exercice.
The ERP in entreprise can follow :
- a big bang implementation
- a phased implemention
- a mini big bang implementation
To chose a solution, its important to understand the culture of the company, if they are used to change or if they are flexible, the time to do it and the urgency of it.

Firm has to chose employees to implement it : internal (CIO, managers..) or external (consultant, IS manager...).

Finaly, it has to know the level of customization.

Theoritical part is done, now let's see what is a SAP!!!



Tee Chess said...

Thanks for posting about your findings and what you have learn so far about SAP and ERP. I will do follow your blog to learn about this useful application. Keep sharing.
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Amlan Biswan said...

Nice post. Good insight into ERPs. Considering the size and potential , I guess there is a lot of scope for everyone.