Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Global ERP System Implementation

Hi everybody,

Well, In my first day of classes I didn't know exactly what was gonna be about the class, but for the end of the day I knew this was about a system that helps the companies to be more efficient and to don't loose time, with an ERP system, the companies can have the control over the organization.
But it is important to think about all the consequences that comes with the implementation of this system. In first place I should say that not all companies are ready to implement an ERP system, they need to think about their employees and the reaction this could have with the implementation of a new system, after the employees feel comfortable with this, the company need experts to train the people who will use this system. At the same time, they need to be sure what they want to implement and which part of the company want to be more productive. A really important factor is the cost, the company needs to be able to afford all cost that this means, from the cost of the system, to the cost of training. Finally they need to think about the time it requires to implement the system and to be ready to star working with it.

After all this is consider is possible to implement the ERP system and this will offer some advantages like:
* It is possible to share data with another departments of the organization.
* The system is integrated, this means all the information goes to the center of the system.
* The customers will feel satisfied because of the efficient service the company have.
* The company become more efficient

But as everything we can find some disadvantages from an ERP system like:
* The customization can be limited
* The company needs to go through a reeingineeration of the processes.
* It could be a sever impact for the employees.

After considering all that a system helps or can not help in an organization, the company is ready to implement an ERP system.

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