Wednesday, April 09, 2008

SAP session

I hope, that I was the last student to write on the wall...

I was there physically, but not enough with my brain!
But I keep in mind some notions.

It was interested to think together about the different akternatives to implement an ERP in a big company such as Decathlon. We find more than 6 different options and there are maybe more. To find the good solution it depends (!!!) :
-if the internal organisation is centralized or not
-of the existing systems into the company

The we talked about resources involved in ERP (internal or external) and finally the level of costumisation of ERP (code, table or module).

I was excited to use SAP, we tolk a lot about it and Iwas very curious! But, because the lack of time and many little problems, I feel a little bite frustrated. I am happy because, we saw the software, but I did not have the time to use it and to be used of it. I think that, for next year, it would be good to past much more time on it and do individually a little case after an overall presentation of SAP.

Thank you very much for your patience, motivation and smile!

I feel tied, go sleep!

See you tomorrow!

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