Thursday, April 10, 2008

day 4 (the end..)

what did i learn today?

There one thing that i will keep in mind: the elevator speech. i know there is almost no link with the class but i think that this technique is very useful and i will use it in mi future life!! thank you !

during the cession we learned about the phase to implement an ERP system.
There are 5 phases to make it right.

The sucess of the implementation can be resume by 4 points:
it has to meet the original objective
to be on time
to cost what was expected
to use the ressources we have.
70% of the failure is because one of those criteria is not done.

When you implement an ERP you have to keep in mind : the bussiness objectives, the critical sucess factors, the key performance indicators and the benefits for each of the area.

I liked when you ask us to contest our own questions of the first scession. It was good to realize that we actually learn many staffs.

Thank you

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