Tuesday, July 27, 2010

BilkentMBA2010, Lessons learned, week 4, Cemil Kanat Sarısoy

In the week 4, two styles of implementation attract me significantly and push me thinking on them. They are Bing Bang implementation and Phased implementation. Bing Bang means that a company implements ERP system to all modules at the same time. Surely, it has advantages and disadvantages. It is useful because the company can save time while applying it in one time in a clear cut system. The company can also provide an integration in the company for this change with the concept of a complete motivation equally. That is, everyone can get the psychology of changing and they can understand each other more comfortable while arranging the processes. On the other hand, it can not be useful because it is highly risky and it can cost the company dramatically if it will not be successful at the end. When we come up to the Phased implementation, it can be beneficial because if the company can not achieve, it costs very low. Moreover, the company can learn the stages, necessities and its falses in time and can improve itself in every level. However, it can not be beneficial because it can take very much time and the integration can not be developed over time because of serious differentiations in the company. I think that the decision about selecting the style, company's route, economical situation and long-term purposes are the determinative tools to approach the right result.

I also want to express my ideas in some other subjects for this week. ASAP methodology and its phases are worthy to explain something about them. ASAP name came from SAP and it means Accelareted System Applications and Products in Data Processing. It consists of 5 phases which are project preparation, business blue print, realization, final preparation and go live support. Project preparation is to identify team members and develop strategy as it works. Business blue print help to supply a developed strategy that can give a way to process one or more SAP systems with detailed documentation in a company. Realization works for blue print and it provides to implement all the business process requirements according to fundamentals of blue print phase. Final Preparation means basically end user training. Finally, go live and support is about supporting and optimizing the system.

At last, I want to finish my writting with mentioning on an important part of Yeliz Eseryel's article that is about shared leadership. Shared leadership symbolizes for me a new trend about leadership. In the lesson, Y. Eseryel point out that there are three aspects of Group's life in on going projects. They are task, relationships and individual needs. task is a need of accomplishing the jobs, Relationship is a desire to have a qualified and satisfied relationship environment. Then individual needs mean the psychology of intimacy, individual interests and acceptance in the group. So, if a group always have those compenents and there are appropriate leader characters to those three aspects, the leadership can be shared as to the situation and the kind of the process. As a result, in right time with right leadership characters' effectiveness and its acceptance can form a suitable, efficient and reasonable leading style. I believe that it is a subject that needs to be improved and should be opened more for assessing the real leadership concept in a complete manner with the vital contribution of creative and new thinking styles.

Dear Eseryel and Friends,

Thank you all for this integrated, informative, sincere and kind environment,
My leasons learned was not only restricted with the academic part of the lecture..


Cemil Kanat Sarısoy

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