Monday, July 26, 2010

BilkentMBA2010, Lessons learned, week 3, Cemil Kanat Sarısoy

Organizational change management creates a great impact on me in the week 3. To begin with its functions, change management provides to overcome resistance to change while trying to form a shared vision and a shared goal. It helps the company that workers understand the purpose and benefits of the company more consciously and from different aspects. Security role development, communication, super user development, training and business process management are the tools of change management that can apply a complete change management strategy. Ok, system seems durable, the tools are reasonable and it is manifest. However, the actual success is comprehending and solving the individuals' and cultures' effects about resistance to change. According to me change management should be handled importantly from that side of the subject for a long term, efficient and effective implementation. we have 5 compenents of Organizational Change Management as I mentioned at the top. "Communication and training" are highly critical to reflect the positive change perspective on the people. especially, a successful communication provides persuasing and it means a change voluntarily. In fact, according to some aspects about change manegement, "Change management=Communication" and I also think that communication is not only strategic but also psychological and those make it a useful and encouraging enforcement to smooth the norms mainly. Surely, communication has some opportunity costs, logistic costs and consulatancy hours cost but communication should be understood as highly essential implementation and a company shouldn't be very much strict about the cost policy of its communication plan.

As I mentioned, training part interests me significantly and I believe its great necessity as a compenent of organizational change management. training is like a reaction, it spreads. Firstly, consultants try to convince the General Manager and HR Manager why change management is a need and giv information about how it is managed. Secondly, Core Team which consists of HR manager, Marketing manager, Congress operations manager, IT head, Accounting Finanace manager, Procurement head.. Training is provided by consultants to Core Team about how to implement a change management and how will intervene it if there is a problem. Finally, End Users learned how to use the interface of the program from Super Users and Consultants. (Super Users are the people in the company who is skilled about the application of the systems.)

Risk Assessment is another important subject to point out for the 3. week. You sent us some questions about the 10 modules that want to be implement in a company has places in Ankara, İstanbul, Azerbejan and Russia. I think that it can be perfect to express my thoughts about risk analysis for a company. If we form an excellent risk assessment table, we can draw our way more clearly because when we analyse truly our Risk we can also notice company's specific sights manifestly. So, lack of a risk assessment, a company looks like a road without directions.

In conclusion, I want to share my feelings about my team for this week. we work together for the ERP presentation about change management and we compose and develop a team spirit with the concepts of patience, kindness, respect and friendship while being shared leaders and being highly informed.

Thank You Peter, Gün, Nurcan and Me.. :)
Thank You Dear Eseryel.. :)


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