Monday, July 19, 2010

BilkentMBA2010, Lessons Learned, Week 2, Derya Kaya

Why would a company has an ERP System?
The reasons could be one or more of the followings:
  • Growth in the company
  • To be able to handle the load
  • To have higher complexity
  • Opportunity to improve the business processes
  • To reduce costs
  • To increase financial control
The reasons above could be initiative to implement ERP but it's very important ERP to be a strategic decision.

Why not ERP?
  • Resistance to change
  • High integration&development costs
  • Strategy of the company and ERP are not in line with each other
What is Success for ERP Implementation?
If you meet the requirements, meet the budget, and meet the timeline: YOUR IMPLEMENTATION IS SUCCESSFUL!

What are the Tools on deciding if ERP is a solution or not?
  • SWOT Analysis: An analysis is done from nternal and external aspects of the company. SW (Strenghts, Weakness) are internal to company, OT (Opportunities, Threats) are external to company.
  • GAP Analysis: Shows the situation about 'Where you are (AS-IS)' and 'Where you want to be (TO-BE)'. ERP is one of the tools that helps you on 'how you get there'
What is Enterprise Architecture (EA)?
EA includes the Strategy, Business and Technology Perspective and is a framework. The whole idea behind EA is strategic decions.

Comparing EA and ERP
  • EA is a framework; ERP is a system
  • EA is a tool for strategic planning; ERP mainly provides system integration
  • Both EA and ERP requires top down support in the organization.
  • Both EA and ERP requires 'Change Management Plan'
  • ERP includes Super User Development in the Change Management; but EA does not need it.
What is the Content of Change Management?
  • Training (How would the job be done?)
  • The documentation of the Business Process Procedures (How you go to each transactions? What is the relationship between the business transactions? etc.)
  • Communications (How do you communicate with executives, regular employees, project team? Will you have an intranet page, posters...? etc.)
  • Super User Development (Identifying the super users, training them, and supporting them) (Super User/Power User: Assigned people from the organization from the area that he is knowledgeable. The main goal for using 'super users' in the change management process is to have them as internal consultant. Super users are trained before the others in the organization.
  • Security/Role Development
What kind of Change Management actions could we use for EA?
EA does trigger change in the organization. Therefore there is need to have Change Management Plan for it.
Here are the change management actions for EA:
  • Business Process Documentation
  • Communication
  • Training
  • Role Development

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