Friday, December 17, 2004

Message from Cheng-Jay and Reply

There is an abundance of research on ERP success. Mainly the titles or the document bodies include "ERP success factors, ERP risk factors" etc. so you can use those as keywords. I used to use ERP success as keywords to find these. Once you find a good research article, you can look at the references of that article to find more articles.

Some good researchers you will run into are Lyman Markus, Dianne Strong, Olga Volkoff, etc.

Also look at AIS conferences such as AMCIS, ICIS, etc. AMCIS had an Enterprise Resource Planning track a few years back. Now it has a Enterprise Systems track/sig.
So you can look at the conference proceedings to read them. When you become AIS member, you can get the conference proceedings online for free.

Let me know if this helps. I will try to send you some articles soon but keep on doing searches on the databases. make sure you use the right databases. I use proquest a lot. Also google has a new scholarly search engine:

Yeliz. (

ChengJay said...

Dear Eseryel :

I'm a postgraduate student of NCU in Taiwann.
Researching in ERP systems performance
evaluation is undergoing. But now, I have some
problem in finding the research about the ERPs
success model and performance measurement.Most
of such researchs are hard to find in the
database from many journals. Can you do me some
favor? Or, You can give some advice about doing
ERP performance research.

I glad to visit your blog site and have chance
to make qcquaintance with you. By the way, I had
try to contact with you by the email you put on
your blog. For some reason, the email can not be
delivered successfully.

Maybe you can contact with my through email of
mine. My email address:

Best regard!!

Cheng-Jay Wu
Department of Information Management
National Central University

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