Thursday, December 02, 2004

The Feedback I got on My Research Project

· SELECTION: Why 3 companies? Why manufacturing companies, etc.?
· Found a mismatch between using grounded theory approach and having a framework (although it isn't something that's not impossible this idea needs to be defended since it will be questioned!!!)
· My question is related to competencies of the project managers but my framework is project management competency areas. Thus the level of granularity isn't the same.
· Can I improve the theoretical framework or find a better one?
· I need to explain why Project Management for ERP is different than other types of projects. Actually Bob asked me how is it different from NASA projects. I said it is different due to the organizational change management aspect, however there is still a lot to learn and borrow from NASA type really complex projects. (Maybe the question is "Is PM for ERP really different than other projects? I am sure there are some projects out there that has similar PM requirements)
· Phases-- How do you know which phase the company is in? The boundaries of the phases aren't clear.
· Somebody suggested the Repertory Grid Technique as a research methodology. These are used in system's analysis. (Keeves' book has an article on the methodology by Alban-Metcalf)
· Interviews with other people in the company. Team lead, internal customers of the PM, IS, business department, etc
· Why are you interested in self-reported competencies?
· Why don't you use open ended surveys?
· Inductive reasoning.


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