Sunday, November 28, 2004

Some More Thoughts About My Research

Main Research Topic Revisited
In both cases it is about "The perceived skills needed for project managers for doing their jobs" Because there isn't much literature on what type of skills are needed for successful project managers. So I believe that perceived skills needed would be a good starting point. Then a future study would be based on linking those skills with organizational success. The reason why I am not attacking the question "project management skills needed to for ERP success" is because measuring success is very difficult when I have a meaningful definition for success.

Actually maybe it is not. I want to define ERP project success as;
1- Project completed on time. (The challenge is to identify whether a project is on time when the project scope is changed over time)
2- Project completed on budget. (Similarly budget may change over time)
3- Project quality (as some call it) or Customer Satisfaction or Project goals of return on investment, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, etc are achieved. (The problem with this is that the business must have initially identified the goals of the project as well as the timeline to achieve the goal. For example: employee reduction of 10% within 5 years, or Increase in Sales of 17% within 3 years after the implementation. If the goal isn't specified numerically and the timeline isn't mentioned, than at any point in time, it is impossible to identify whether a project is successful or not)
Okay, writing it down again changed my mind again. Yes, measuring success is difficult!!!

Options for Research Focus:
1- Look at project management skills before go-live and after go live, see how they change.
2- Just evaluate which skills are needed after go-live.
-This will be different based on the approach they chose: big bang implementation(implement all modules at the same time), phased implementation (one module at a time) or mini bing bang implementation (implement multiple modules at the same time but not all)
-Also whether some implementation is going on now (if they have chosen phased or mini big-bang implementations)
-How long it has been after go-live is also important.

What I Need To Do Research On:
1- Project management success in IT implementations- How is it measured.
2- How is ERP success defined/measured in ERP/ES studies.
3- Do Research On Case Study Method. (Order Yin's and Stake's Books)
4- Read on Grounded Theory (Glaser's books)
5- Research on definitions of ERP Success, ERP Implementation Success , and ERP Project Management Success. How are they different? How can we define and measure them seperately?

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