Sunday, November 14, 2004

A Knowledge Transfer Dissertation in ERP Context

I just read a dissertation that I want to share with you.

Ko, D.-G. (2002). Determinants of Knowledge Transfer in Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation. Unpublished Dissertation, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh.

Annotated Bibliography Entry:
In this study, Ko tried to identify the determinants of knowledge transfer in Enterprise Resource Planning implementation context. Ko concluded that individual characteristics such as source credibility, communication decoding competence, intrinsic motivation, along with characteristics of relationships (especially relationship quality) and knowledge observability are important predictors to the transfer of knowledge in the context of ERP implementation. Ko's model also finds that relationship quality is a mediator between the independent variables; source credibility, and communication decoding competence and the dependent variable knowledge transfer. Another significant finding is related to intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation: The study suggests that recipients must derive satisfaction in the work content itself to effectively transfer knowledge. The knowledge observability, for example ability to make a change in the system and observe it's implications in another part of the system also increase the knowledge transfer.

Future Research:
1) Improve this model of knowledge transfer among individuals.
- Task similarity appeared to influence knowledge transfer (Slaughter et al. Work in progress)
- Complexity of knowledge being transferred as well as the timing of the transfer and openness by the recipient (Argote, 1999)
- Whether geographical proximity or co-location facilitates knowledge transfer. (Epple, et al., 1996)
2) Identify factors that may determine the transfer of knowledge in the various stages of ERP implementation (Markus and Tanis 2000)
3) Examine a process model of consultant-client relationship. (Nonaka, 1994)
4) At what points do consultants leave and the implications associated with transfer of knowledge.


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