Monday, August 02, 2010

BilkentMBA2010, Lessons Learned, Week 4, Gun Gokmen

Leadership Behaviors and Perception in Self-Managing Virtual Teams

  • Leadership are two distinct concepts. We discussed the differences of each other.
  • Our project teams sre examples of "Self-Managing Virtual Teams" (SMV) Leadership is more challenging here, since there is no defined leader and one should grab it himself.
  • The important point is that, what people observe is behaviors. Two concepts here: task-oriented (getting work done) and relationship oriented (knowing who knows what, directs you to the right person; for example our department secretary).
  • IBM Sametime is a similar program to Teamviewer
  • Emergent leadership: becoming a leader later, emerging yourself.

Guest Speaker: ERP Implementation in FNSS Defense Industries

  • Cigdem came to talk, she's an HR specialist in the company.
  • FNSS had MRP systems before, making one think that change would be easier. But turned out to be not, end user resistance was high.
  • The selected ERP system was IFS from Sweden for its flexibility and defense industry experience. (FNSS's designs changed frequently, was doing engineer-to-order) They went live on May 2009
  • The most important thing is a dedicated team for implementation.
  • It was expected 8 months, but turned out to be 13 months.
  • the biggest problem with HR process was the organization chart. The relations were very hard to link, it took3 months.
  • Choosing consultants is very important. "You have to love them, you spend too much time with them. They shoould be flexible, should know empathy."
  • The benefits of the system won't be well understood until 18 months after implementation.
  • According to Cigdem, it is not good to change everything at once, go one by one.
  • 2 important points: Customization is expensive, master data cannot be changed.

The Lecture:

  • Cost ingredients for Cisco: software, hardware, integration, headcount. The biggest cost was integration at Cisco.
  • We should be prepared to pay twice the budget we estimated.
  • Three trade-offs in ERP implementation:
  • big-bang vs. phased (roll out) implementation
  • outsourcing vs. in-housing staff and resources (cannot do full in-house, must outsource to some extent)
  • high vs. low customization level (must be closer to implementing as is. )
  • Also there is customization vs. business process reengineering. (changing the company for the program)
  • We also talked about Accelerated SAP methodology and support pack upgrade.
  • Realization: unit test - you only test ones that are critical.
  • Final system cutover: switch from old to new system. Old system is shut off. It can also go in parallel for some time, but is more costly and time consuming.

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