Sunday, October 10, 2004

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Blog

Hi All,
I am a PhD student interested in Enterprise Resource Planning Systems. I am looking for people to share this blog with me. The best way of doing research is to think about it everyday. I figured that sharing my interest with others would keep me thinking about it everyday.

It's also an opportunity to share our knowledge with each other, reflect on what we learned and create opportunities to collaborate with each other and with others.

Interested? Leave a comment here. Tell me about yourself, what you're doing what you're interested in etc.

Having said all these, I am open to also talking about relevant issues: Supply Chain Management (SCM), Customer Resource Management (CRM), SAP, etc.


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Ali Noudoost Beni said...

Dear yeliz ,
now i am doing my master in information technology from this coming semester i want to start my thesis , i am interested in ERP area , but so far i couldn't find any appropriate topic , so could you please help me in this case the most important thing for me is publication and regarding to it is doing my PhD .my email address :
thanks alot in advance